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Continue in earnest prayer, but decide never to use “prayer” or perhaps too many church activities a mere excuses to lay aside or procrastinate doing what you already know God really wants you to do.

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The bumper sticker on the truck in front of me says: “I’m not racist; I don’t like Biden either.”

"Good leaders cultivate honest speech; they love advisors who tell them the truth.” (16:13pro.msg).

“A king will remain in power as long as his rule is honest, just, and fair.” (20:28pro.tev). Manasseh of Judah was in power for 52 years - lots and lots of damage.

“A wicked ruler will have wicked aides on his staff.” (29:12,

"Some day there will be a King who rules with integrity, and national leaders who govern with justice." (32.1isa.tev).

It’s always good to say no to all racism and fascist lib-policies that prolong a great recession. Any good that’s happened (very little really..) has been in spite of their lame policies.

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