Kurt von Schleicher

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Guess what, 64% of Americans Believe that America is 'Out of Control'.‪ ‎Ya think!‬ 

Me thinks better than being articulate is being persuasively articulate, and unfortunately for years the Dems (just look at the failed presidency and failed leftist policies making citizens much less safe..) have been more persuasively articulate than the almost as compromised Repubs.

On the other hand.. perhaps the Midterm US election on Nov 4th is already fixed by the corrupt left (where persuasion doesn’t even matter any more in this Land).. I mean when you look at the millions of Dem-early-votes already in, and other factors (and maybe the last big election was also fixed. Who had the much larger crowds at the end, and who had to radically scale back size of meetings. Remember the much smaller crowd at the DNC?). With our leaders on both sides so corrupt, evil and compromised, we basically have a dicatorship in the USA. 

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"Overnight I went from being a completely private figure, to a publicly humiliated one. I was patient zero." ~ @MonicaLewinsky

(who just launched her speaking career [again trying to rewrite the story after last year] fighting against cyberbullying [buzz-word]. perhaps we should own it.. her choice. But she’s not yet realizing that her ex-boss was a big exploiting kind of bully that used her.. and that Matt Drudge who she blames and who broke the story didn’t try to bully her into anything. talk about not being able to connect the dots! Why was B. Clinton never humiliated by this? He is still her and the Dems rockstar and neither him or herself catch her blame. Your HR office would have handled things differently with a boss.)

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"Great peace comes when you pray in faith ..and that type of peace doesn’t come from this world or send itself."


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